Company Rules

  • On Purpose
    Company, can you feel the excitement of the new year yet? There’s only one month left and I’m so amazed at how this … Read more
  • Manifestation: How to Win
    Company, I’ve been thinking about the “how-to” hack your way to success and of course, there’s no magic pill but I’m learning a … Read more
  • Independence: Believing In Yourself
    Company, believing in myself has increased the awareness and significance of my independence. I’m not referring to the many songs and phrases you … Read more
  • Identity: Beyond Expectations
    Company,  I'm already planning for 2020 and as promised let's jump into the five parts series picking up from Take Care.  A quarter … Read more
  • Discipline: The Side Effects
    Company, an overwhelming number of instagram likes on Law 25 and 20 redirected my approach on discipline; to succeed or not to succeed? … Read more