Law 25 and 20

Company, welcome back as we explore two of The 48 Laws of Power (1998) a non-fiction book by American author Robert Greene. Let’s review the 25th law relevant to living your best life today! Law 25 is about recreations of self and identifies how people gain power over each other through manipulation and power games. Although power could be seen as the central theme of this book, why not use the power knowledge creates for your benefit.

Recreation costs and you should not be fear opposition in the form of haters at any cost, rather keep your values and goals “the” priority and those who belong in your life will remain. Apple is one of the most successful companies and internationally recognized brand in the world that continues to recreate its value to the market thus attracting power seamlessly. Many articles in Forbes business mention in some form that to find a market fit, recreation is necessary; how have you recreated yourself and personal value in your life?

Two strategies; start small and experiment to achieve growth but before thinking about the how-to’s; next lets address mindset about your opposition #haters with Law 20 – Do not commit to anyone; a foundation needed for the success of Law 25. Put another way; how you handle haters and view your circumstances is a preview of your successes or failures. The opposition is your teacher, not an enemy; be firm in separating people who matter and those who come to destroy you.

Starting small is necessary for various reasons most notably it allows for quick life hacks and/or experiments leading to micro wins. Additionally, it’s the best way to stay relevant and innovative to maintain and showcase value to yourself 🙌🏽. Secondly, decide on changes you want to try out and basic success criteria to measure. Avoid endless planning; instead, rapidly think of the idea of change and test them out; like a new marketing campaign for your side hustle or how to read 10 books in a month. Test and repeat your ideas before going big and making a permanent change.

The topic of this blog post was inspired by Company Rules blog election as #12 into the Top 100 Life Blogs on the web. Take a moment and explore other amazing bloggers sharing their passion for world impact, keep evolving.

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