Company welcome back to another page in your self-growth and consideration of fellowship. Fellowship with people is a necessity in life to inspire you from the depths of despair and facilitate crucial conversations for success. Company Rules advocates for alone time but utter isolation for extended periods will harm life successes on all levels. By and large, a fellowship as a term is used to describe a variety of short-term opportunities lasting from months to years. The fellowship focuses on the professional development of the fellow sponsored by an organization seeking to expand leadership in their field.

Career fellowships are great especially when you are sound on your path and purpose in a niche supplying to the masses; but have you considered fellowship for life success? I stumbled upon an aha moment that critical feedback from close people provides an opportunity to change if you take it. Keep in mind that not all fellowships matter as some people plot to keep you in bondage and others to bring your awareness to change. Authentic relationships with others are the core of fellowship and there are specific individuals you want to keep in your circle.

As you grow and move through different seasons in life it’s amazing how knowledge sources present themselves as you become ready to receive it. Many of us were never instructed on developing intentional relationships. Now for the pièce de ré·sis·tance for your inner circle; these trusted six may not appear when you need them but do develop longstanding relationships on purpose and “position” yourself to be in proximity. What if six people are too much? I’m glad you asked; let’s start with three as you may find more than one desired traits in someone identifiable. The point is to keep those who are close to you quite small, new levels of new challenges. Keep evolving!

  • The Enthusiast- this person uplifts, comes with inspiration for the seasons of life and talented in changing the mood of a room.
  • The Teacher- this person adds to your knowledge and will teach you more than you know to further develop your assets.
  • The Motivator – this person is always ready for the mission ahead and might even push you past your limits “aye aye captain”.
  • The Creative – this person comes with ideas, ideas, ideas and is never short of usefulness or how to solve a problem.
  • The Ordained – this person keeps order in the group, doesn’t encourage gossip or drama and can readdddd you your rights with love while still uplifting you.
  • The Authentic – this person tells the truth no matter what; who loves a liar? Not The Authentic, keep them close.

Published by Seanette Haynes

Thirty-something who is actively working on all levels of self improvement to increase self-worth and live life without fear and borders; join me and the company.

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