Discipline: The Side Effects

Company, an overwhelming number of instagram likes on Law 25 and 20 redirected my approach on discipline; to succeed or not to succeed? In brief 25 and 20 address evolving and ultimately fulfilling your life assignments. There’s much to be said about discipline from long reads, books, videos, etc…but why do it to improve your life and ultimate success?

Success is the not the immediate goal; it’s the effects of being disciplined that transforms your life thus creating successes on levels you determine. It should be evident that action gets you further in addition to your foundation of personal value and ethos. Commitment to being discipline and personal values will collide with success because it is impossible to be excellent at something without being disciplined. Everything you’ve dreamed via goals require purpose, systems, routines and schedules and the best part is the side effects of change that will thrust you from the background to the forefront; success!

The (7) Side Effects

  1. Improves personal efforts through focus
  2. Improves and strengthens personality
  3. Improves esteem and confidence levels
  4. Improves self trust and growth
  5. Improves relationship
  6. Improves mental clarity and health
  7. Improves professionalism

Published by Seanette Haynes

Thirty-something who is actively working on all levels of self improvement to increase self-worth and live life without fear and borders; join me and the company.

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