Identity: Beyond Expectations

Company,  I’m already planning for 2020 and as promised let’s jump into the five parts series picking up from Take Care.  A quarter (Q) is a three-month period on a financial calendar and Q3 ends this September. I’m referencing financial quarters as a tangible option in planning your 2020, the most important year yet! We, the company have had ample time to craft and edit goals, refine relational circles, grow self-worth, etc… and its time to reap the spoils of our hard work as the journey continues.

Identity establishes the paths leading to your journey and is a gift entrusted to you. Close your eyes and think for a moment what 2020 will be for you…close your eyes. I see compounded self-growth via life lessons leading too endless triumphs.  I took time to approach this subject via interviews, reflections and seeking out sources of information and gathered that identity is established through beliefs and values important to you. Simple right? Not entirely; you see once you decide to break up cycles of mediocrity and unnecessary struggle the importance of your pursuit reveals; Identity.

As a Company, our identity clears the way to harness the good and bad about ourselves as unique individuals carrying out our purpose via the resources on earth. Relationships are a diamond resource in solidifying identity and to fulfill purpose. Creatives of all kind develop merchandise for the world’s marketplace as an expression of their identity and the world chooses which products resonates best with their identity. What resonates with you?

The end goal of 2019 is to refine your beliefs and values to strengthen your identity and your 2020Challenge! is to develop a success plan for Q1 to Q4 to illuminate doors and opportunities for the win. The best part of doing this now is that you’ll feel good being true to who you are! Define who you are should increase informed decisions for your life over foolish notions for temporary satisfaction. Further considerations on identity were inspired via a chat with Laura Lewis, check out this clip; keep evolving!

Published by Seanette Haynes

Thirty-something who is actively working on all levels of self improvement to increase self-worth and live life without fear and borders; join me and the company.

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