Independence: Believing In Yourself

Company, believing in myself has increased the awareness and significance of my independence. I’m not referring to the many songs and phrases you already know cue the hook….I’m talking about independent thinking, planning, and accountability of self.
After all the meaning of independence is the fact or state of being independent, freeing me from groupthink, purposed actions for my future and honoring myself as nothing less than valuable.
We have different stories that unite us in a commitment of continual self-work to highlight purpose and assignments for our lives.
I’ve heard that life doesn’t begin until you find out who you are and the truth is when you get a slight taste of the real you everything is on the line, including your current life routines.
I’ve learned that I prefer solitude over meaningless interactions, saying no and meaning it, creating boundaries and sticking to them, telling the truth when it’s unpopular, being purposed in my decisions, not seeking approval, cutting old and new ties, and assuring myself that I can only try.
Independence is having a set of personal tools to carry you on and through life, all in support of self-love; the most important love of all that exposes and defines your level of worth. Keep Evolving!

Published by Seanette Haynes

Thirty-something who is actively working on all levels of self improvement to increase self-worth and live life without fear and borders; join me and the company.

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