Ties That Bind

Company, I want to share how I broke toxic relationship ties by taking a hard look at my shortcomings, embracing who I am, and creating habits to sustain inner joy. It’s necessary to acknowledge that my mid-thirties were a perfect storm of highs and lows nudging me into intense self-work last year and daily self-work since escorting me to self-actualization.
After unsuccessful attempts in self-love and esteem practices, I didn’t have the personal tools to transform my life; wow. I decided enough with being a test dummy and choose to do better. Doing better to be better is a job in itself, and it finally dawned on me to start taking accountability for learning how to love myself.
Caution; roads become slippery when wet, and you will want all the skills necessary to drive safely. So the very first step in self-work is understanding where you are by completing a self-inventory; yes, “self” inventory. Depending on your personality, you can approach this clinically or creatively whatever gets the juices going; the point is to identify all areas that you need to work on to be better.
After sobbing over my ignorance and shock of how I let myself get this way, I listened to people, books, audio, and anything I could get my hands to learn about doing better for my needs. A key point to know here is that once you learn a new thing, nothing will ever be the same. Commit to change or die where you stand, simple.
Moving along with my learning, I gradually got into my groove, and FINALLY released people that never served me or my purpose and gained the skills to identify influences that align with my values. Feeling great about yourself facilitates emotional stability and the space to discover purpose outside the 9 to 5 hustle.
My favorite and final thought on maintaining inner peace is learning to love yourself each day and believe that you will never be right. Yes, you’ll never get it right because you are ever learning and evolving through self-actualization, and the point is to enjoy the journey to personal greatness. Keep Evolving!

Published by Seanette Haynes

Thirty-something who is actively working on all levels of self improvement to increase self-worth and live life without fear and borders; join me and the company.

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