Restructured Expectations

Company, I previously wrote about how you can manage your expectations of other people while maintaining realistic interpretations. Have you considered that the expectations of your life stem from societal milestones for your age bracket, gender, and perceived level of success? I’ve found that false self-expectations and not living in your truth is the ultimateContinue reading “Restructured Expectations”

Independence: Believing In Yourself

Company, believing in myself has increased the awareness and significance of my independence. I’m not referring to the many songs and phrases you already know cue the hook….I’m talking about independent thinking, planning, and accountability of self. After all the meaning of independence is the fact or state of being independent, freeing me from groupthink,Continue reading “Independence: Believing In Yourself”

Identity: Beyond Expectations

Company,  I’m already planning for 2020 and as promised let’s jump into the five parts series picking up from Take Care.  A quarter (Q) is a three-month period on a financial calendar and Q3 ends this September. I’m referencing financial quarters as a tangible option in planning your 2020, the most important year yet! We,Continue reading “Identity: Beyond Expectations”

Discipline: The Side Effects

Company, an overwhelming number of instagram likes on Law 25 and 20 redirected my approach on discipline; to succeed or not to succeed? In brief 25 and 20 address evolving and ultimately fulfilling your life assignments. There’s much to be said about discipline from long reads, books, videos, etc…but why do it to improve yourContinue reading “Discipline: The Side Effects”

Take Care, featuring: Micaela Guiterrez-Tillett

Company Rules is grateful to share impactful readings with an aim to improve life quality through self- work and welcomes  Micaela Guiterrez-Tillett to the company. Micaela is the founder of Orizon and BlessUP International sharing her journey with the past, her purpose and plans for the future inspiring the title of this post. Present dayContinue reading “Take Care, featuring: Micaela Guiterrez-Tillett”


Company welcome back to another page in your self-growth and consideration of fellowship. Fellowship with people is a necessity in life to inspire you from the depths of despair and facilitate crucial conversations for success. Company Rules advocates for alone time but utter isolation for extended periods will harm life successes on all levels. ByContinue reading “Fellowship”