Restructured Expectations

Company, I previously wrote about how you can manage your expectations of other people while maintaining realistic interpretations. Have you considered that the expectations of your life stem from societal milestones for your age bracket, gender, and perceived level of success? I’ve found that false self-expectations and not living in your truth is the ultimate issue beyond keeping up with the Jones’.
Here’s are my notes for restructuring; maybe you’ll find them useful:
Your perception of “perfection” will be challenged by life, societal constructs, and the lies you tell yourself.(Be you)
The nature of a goal is to create change, and feelings of insecurity and sadness are normal. (Renew your mind)
No is a complete sentence, and inner confidence will make room for acceptance and criticism. (Get ready)
Never encourage self-loading and isolation because of fear; healthy confrontation is a necessary skill. (Learn a new life skill)
Seek out people who are suitable and compatible with your purpose and assignment choose carefully; your life depends on it. (Cultivate high-quality relationships)
Personal peace affords you to grow, develop, and live your life experiences, not anyone else. (Let go)
Inner turmoil is an indication of a false belief you have maintained to justify limited thinking. (Challenge your beliefs).
I could add more to these notes, but I think you have a good idea of the why and how to restructure self-expectations as it is the foundation to develop solid goals worthy of the life you deserve, keep evolving!

Ties That Bind

Company, I want to share how I broke toxic relationship ties by taking a hard look at my shortcomings, embracing who I am, and creating habits to sustain inner joy. It’s necessary to acknowledge that my mid-thirties were a perfect storm of highs and lows nudging me into intense self-work last year and daily self-work since escorting me to self-actualization.
After unsuccessful attempts in self-love and esteem practices, I didn’t have the personal tools to transform my life; wow. I decided enough with being a test dummy and choose to do better. Doing better to be better is a job in itself, and it finally dawned on me to start taking accountability for learning how to love myself.
Caution; roads become slippery when wet, and you will want all the skills necessary to drive safely. So the very first step in self-work is understanding where you are by completing a self-inventory; yes, “self” inventory. Depending on your personality, you can approach this clinically or creatively whatever gets the juices going; the point is to identify all areas that you need to work on to be better.
After sobbing over my ignorance and shock of how I let myself get this way, I listened to people, books, audio, and anything I could get my hands to learn about doing better for my needs. A key point to know here is that once you learn a new thing, nothing will ever be the same. Commit to change or die where you stand, simple.
Moving along with my learning, I gradually got into my groove, and FINALLY released people that never served me or my purpose and gained the skills to identify influences that align with my values. Feeling great about yourself facilitates emotional stability and the space to discover purpose outside the 9 to 5 hustle.
My favorite and final thought on maintaining inner peace is learning to love yourself each day and believe that you will never be right. Yes, you’ll never get it right because you are ever learning and evolving through self-actualization, and the point is to enjoy the journey to personal greatness. Keep Evolving!

Write Your Story

Company, 2019, was filled with experiences designed to set you up for success in 2020. Leave trivial resolutions behind and consider your experiences the foundations to pursue purpose in 2020. I’ve evaluated my self-growth; developed goals that will further mature and refine me and decided on lessons to bring to this new year and what to leave buried in the past.
I’m not going to bore you with what to do and how to because we as “the company” already know how to develop and create meaningful goals. I am going to suggested you focus on outcomes; maintain a firm foundation in self-love and mental health in your successes. That’s right why not you and why not now? I’m sure you can provide excuses, but here’s the reason why… you don’t want it bad enough.
The “average” person would instead stick to the status quo over creating life improvements. I used to be that person delusion in pursuing a dream that wasn’t even mine on a one-way flight to nowheresville. How often are you calculating and readjusting goals to improve your life? It’s not one reason I can think of to support an excuse as so many resources are at your disposal.
Heres a fun exercise to get your excitement and energy up for your success, ready? Write your 2020 success story this week and only revise it to write in even more success. That’s it; write your story and include people, places, and resources along your journey, all contributing and supporting your success. “What I Know Now” is the headline of my success story.
After you complete your story this week, ready it in the morning and evening before bed and tell me you don’t feel better? Contact me; I want to hear how this exercise has worked for you and how you plan to succeed next year. Keep Evolving!

On Purpose

Company, can you feel the excitement of the new year yet? There’s only one month left and I’m so amazed at how this year flew by and for the first time, I can personally say that committed focus on my goals reaped benefits.
Let’s talk about self-sabotage and how you can plan to win on purpose. You don’t need me to explain what self-sabotage is however what you should know is that clarifying your values or deciding them for the first time is your very first step.
My approach to this issue stems from recognizing my emotional hurts were due to little to no established personal values. Think of values as your playbook to life helping you navigate decisions, relationships, and opportunities best for you.
Self-sabotage gives you an out to quit on yourself and settle for less in nearly all areas of your life. If you take the time to reflect on 2019 and you’re not totally happy with your progress, a review of your values will reveal a heap of reasons for your dissatisfaction.
Your playbook will help you “level up” in choosing, feeling and thinking your way to a successful plan for your life and it begins with a values inventory! Next, determine the why of the goal; then develop a plan of action and lastly locate resources. Some of my values include freedom, making a difference and mindfulness, what are your values?
There’s literally no reason you can’t win on purpose if you choose to commit to change and dedicate yourself to daily winning. Your mind will always find reasons to win or justify losing; success is your new way of thinking with the help of tests and trials to further improve your life and equip you for more blessings. Keep Evolving!

Manifestation: How to Win

Company, I’ve been thinking about the “how-to” hack your way to success and of course, there’s no magic pill but I’m learning a few things! I remember seeking out myriads of information on how to get all the things I dreamed of or at least what I thought I deserved and I’ve come up with my how to’s for manifesting.

My list includes knowledge-seeking, planning and revising, changed behavior, and taking calculated risks. Behind every success story lies a version of these how to’s, but for now you must understand that change happens by seeking to understand your “why” and then apply your knowledge for change. Visions boards and all other outlets are reminders of the end goal but programmed negative thinking, scripted behaviors and fake goals will keep you stuck every time.

So here’s the bottom line, you must decide to change, commit to the process and do what is required for your win. You will doubt yourself, you will rationalize staying in the same place, you will be lonely and you will lose friends, family and others who claim to have your back. Do the math and research your favorite celebrity for fun I bet you’ll discover success comes at a cost.

Here’s the gag, you don’t ever have to prove anything to anyone but yourself and that’s why you can succeed and triumph to your goals. Remember to reflect on your goals each day, find a source of comfort and wisdom and finally get moving. That how you manifest and I like to keep it in simple terms because adulting is hard so why complicate things with wishing and coveting other’s success create your own story. Keep Evolving.

Independence: Believing In Yourself

Company, believing in myself has increased the awareness and significance of my independence. I’m not referring to the many songs and phrases you already know cue the hook….I’m talking about independent thinking, planning, and accountability of self.
After all the meaning of independence is the fact or state of being independent, freeing me from groupthink, purposed actions for my future and honoring myself as nothing less than valuable.
We have different stories that unite us in a commitment of continual self-work to highlight purpose and assignments for our lives.
I’ve heard that life doesn’t begin until you find out who you are and the truth is when you get a slight taste of the real you everything is on the line, including your current life routines.
I’ve learned that I prefer solitude over meaningless interactions, saying no and meaning it, creating boundaries and sticking to them, telling the truth when it’s unpopular, being purposed in my decisions, not seeking approval, cutting old and new ties, and assuring myself that I can only try.
Independence is having a set of personal tools to carry you on and through life, all in support of self-love; the most important love of all that exposes and defines your level of worth. Keep Evolving!

Identity: Beyond Expectations

Company,  I’m already planning for 2020 and as promised let’s jump into the five parts series picking up from Take Care.  A quarter (Q) is a three-month period on a financial calendar and Q3 ends this September. I’m referencing financial quarters as a tangible option in planning your 2020, the most important year yet! We, the company have had ample time to craft and edit goals, refine relational circles, grow self-worth, etc… and its time to reap the spoils of our hard work as the journey continues.

Identity establishes the paths leading to your journey and is a gift entrusted to you. Close your eyes and think for a moment what 2020 will be for you…close your eyes. I see compounded self-growth via life lessons leading too endless triumphs.  I took time to approach this subject via interviews, reflections and seeking out sources of information and gathered that identity is established through beliefs and values important to you. Simple right? Not entirely; you see once you decide to break up cycles of mediocrity and unnecessary struggle the importance of your pursuit reveals; Identity.

As a Company, our identity clears the way to harness the good and bad about ourselves as unique individuals carrying out our purpose via the resources on earth. Relationships are a diamond resource in solidifying identity and to fulfill purpose. Creatives of all kind develop merchandise for the world’s marketplace as an expression of their identity and the world chooses which products resonates best with their identity. What resonates with you?

The end goal of 2019 is to refine your beliefs and values to strengthen your identity and your 2020Challenge! is to develop a success plan for Q1 to Q4 to illuminate doors and opportunities for the win. The best part of doing this now is that you’ll feel good being true to who you are! Define who you are should increase informed decisions for your life over foolish notions for temporary satisfaction. Further considerations on identity were inspired via a chat with Laura Lewis, check out this clip; keep evolving!

Discipline: The Side Effects

Company, an overwhelming number of instagram likes on Law 25 and 20 redirected my approach on discipline; to succeed or not to succeed? In brief 25 and 20 address evolving and ultimately fulfilling your life assignments. There’s much to be said about discipline from long reads, books, videos, etc…but why do it to improve your life and ultimate success?

Success is the not the immediate goal; it’s the effects of being disciplined that transforms your life thus creating successes on levels you determine. It should be evident that action gets you further in addition to your foundation of personal value and ethos. Commitment to being discipline and personal values will collide with success because it is impossible to be excellent at something without being disciplined. Everything you’ve dreamed via goals require purpose, systems, routines and schedules and the best part is the side effects of change that will thrust you from the background to the forefront; success!

The (7) Side Effects

  1. Improves personal efforts through focus
  2. Improves and strengthens personality
  3. Improves esteem and confidence levels
  4. Improves self trust and growth
  5. Improves relationship
  6. Improves mental clarity and health
  7. Improves professionalism

Take Care, featuring: Micaela Guiterrez-Tillett

Company Rules is grateful to share impactful readings with an aim to improve life quality through self- work and welcomes  Micaela Guiterrez-Tillett to the company. Micaela is the founder of Orizon and BlessUP International sharing her journey with the past, her purpose and plans for the future inspiring the title of this post. Present day societal evolution focuses on influence for the wrong reasons, however present and future goals of impact require true authority over a “thing” as you take care to focus on your identity, discipline, independence, confidence and manifestation. Upcoming posts will highlight these areas in a 5 part series, #takecare @companyrules. Click or download the feature of Micaela Guiterrez-Tillett below, keep evolving!

Learn more about Micaela and join me at the JAMAICA meets TEXAS | 3 Day Dancehall Intensive

Follow Micaela: @orizon2005 and @DancehallTexas


Company welcome back to another page in your self-growth and consideration of fellowship. Fellowship with people is a necessity in life to inspire you from the depths of despair and facilitate crucial conversations for success. Company Rules advocates for alone time but utter isolation for extended periods will harm life successes on all levels. By and large, a fellowship as a term is used to describe a variety of short-term opportunities lasting from months to years. The fellowship focuses on the professional development of the fellow sponsored by an organization seeking to expand leadership in their field.

Career fellowships are great especially when you are sound on your path and purpose in a niche supplying to the masses; but have you considered fellowship for life success? I stumbled upon an aha moment that critical feedback from close people provides an opportunity to change if you take it. Keep in mind that not all fellowships matter as some people plot to keep you in bondage and others to bring your awareness to change. Authentic relationships with others are the core of fellowship and there are specific individuals you want to keep in your circle.

As you grow and move through different seasons in life it’s amazing how knowledge sources present themselves as you become ready to receive it. Many of us were never instructed on developing intentional relationships. Now for the pièce de ré·sis·tance for your inner circle; these trusted six may not appear when you need them but do develop longstanding relationships on purpose and “position” yourself to be in proximity. What if six people are too much? I’m glad you asked; let’s start with three as you may find more than one desired traits in someone identifiable. The point is to keep those who are close to you quite small, new levels of new challenges. Keep evolving!

  • The Enthusiast- this person uplifts, comes with inspiration for the seasons of life and talented in changing the mood of a room.
  • The Teacher- this person adds to your knowledge and will teach you more than you know to further develop your assets.
  • The Motivator – this person is always ready for the mission ahead and might even push you past your limits “aye aye captain”.
  • The Creative – this person comes with ideas, ideas, ideas and is never short of usefulness or how to solve a problem.
  • The Ordained – this person keeps order in the group, doesn’t encourage gossip or drama and can readdddd you your rights with love while still uplifting you.
  • The Authentic – this person tells the truth no matter what; who loves a liar? Not The Authentic, keep them close.