Seeking Paradise!

Company, what happens when you spread yourself thinner than thin and neglect yourself? Businesses analyze profits each year and sometimes have to shut down temporarily to recover. As I was drafting the content for this blog I came across an article from the BBC News that stood out to me concerning “paradise” and its cost.

Just 5 days ago, BBC News published the article “The beach nobody can touch”; Do you recall the 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio “The Beach”?; well since then iconic Maya Beach a small 300 meter long strip is to do on the buckets list of many around the world, or is it anymore?

According to author Saira Asher, this tiny bay in Thailand once a wonder to see has become overrun with people visiting “paradise”. The funny thing is since grown in popularity as “the” place to visit, in 2018 the local conservatory officials reported severe damage to coral reefs and the ecosystem demanding time for nature to recover.

Needing time to recover from damage is crucial right? So would you deny yourself the necessary time no matter how long it took? I say NO, you see Maya Bay was closed in 2017 due to excessive rubbish, dead coral and limited to no sea life due to visitor overuse. After its closure and with time, coral recovered naturally, rubbish was cleaned up and amazingly blacktip reef sharks found suitable a place to give birth to their babies.

Today, Maya Bay can only be admired from afar 300 meters away as paradise seekers look and long to be on this famous beach taking IG worthy pictures. This is how you treat and motivate yourself to become the best version of who you are. I can say with 100% conviction NOW that I am not for everyone and can be admired from afar since there is no room for trash of any kind in my life only space for recovery and giving birth to my future or better yet my version of paradise. Until next time keep evolving.

For more details check out the article by Asher

Asher, Saira. “The Beach Nobody Can Touch.” BBC News, 20 Feb. 2019,

Act without FEAR

Company, there comes a time when change is necessary and you consult no one else but yourself. Just like a merger or take over, reclaim your life after “the sh*** hits the fan”, and make executive decisions so you can finally align gains in personal growth to create joyous life experiences.

After years of failed relationships, most recently 2 consecutive failed relationships one spanning 8 years and right after another 3 years, I experienced painful consequences and lessons from each. The fact is I struggle with low self-esteem and poor self-love. After you take many loses as a company of one, what decisions will benefit you regardless of the collateral damage? Think about all the things outside an intimate relationship you ever wanted but just didn’t accomplish.

Becoming comfortable in your own skin takes time so arm yourself with knowledge, make the plan and execute fearlessly. The reality of self-work is that its harder for some than others, it’s messy, you will lose people who claim to be friends, you may have to isolate yourself, get comfortable with being alone and repeat. Reflect on the Daily 5 from “When sh*** hits the fan” and app resources as a starting point to any self-love action(s) required.

Finally, I want to leave you with another resource (video) for the ongoing practice of personal growth featuring Oprah so check out this video and as you reflect on the 10 Rules for Self Love which one resonates the most with you right now? I personally find comfort in no.3, until next time keep evolving. 

Video credit: Mindspo, Published on Dec 25, 2018

When Sh** hits the Fan!

Company, I’m sure you’ve experienced the harsh realities of life saying to yourself “how much longer is this going to last”, “I can’t take this anymore” or “How can I make this all go away”. You have EVERYTHING inside you to overcome anything in this life because STRENGTH is the capacity to withstand great force under pressure, not just a physical attribute. So pick your face up from the tear-drenched pillow and decide to make lasting changes in our life.

Reflection on my most painful experiences gave me the gift of maturity through reflection, self-work and seeking ongoing knowledge. After all lessons without reflections will repeat themselves as I’ve learned all too well. Moving on from pain, reflection, strength to an overcomer require purposeful planning and consistently putting yourself first as the foundation to increase your resiliency in the face of tremendous odds. Until next time keep evolving.

The Daily 5

  1. List as many facts over feeling about the issue(s)
  2. Cross out feeling and examine the facts only!
  3. Craft a plan to address the facts you can or can not change
  4. Break your plan into steps, execute and repeat
  5. See out sources of daily inspiration and schedule time for SELF!

Ideas and Apps